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These are the 7 actions we will take:

1. "Your Biometrics Analysis":

I will take your body measurements so I can determine crucial information about you, like your frame type, your body fat percent,your lean body mass, your ideal body weight, your ideal waist size, your nutritional needs

2. "Your Blood Type Determination":

I will determine, within minutes, your specific blood type

3. "Your Health Assessment":

I will run two specific tests on you, to see "what's going on under the hood". These tests will give me valuable information about your health level at the present moment, and also for the past few years.

4. "Your Blood Type Identity":

You may not be aware of it, but your blood type holds many secrets to your identity.

Your blood type determines the foods that are beneficial to you, and the ones that are harmful to you, it determines the types of exercise that are most effective for you, it determines the types of diseases you are most vulnerable to, your response to stress, the types of foods that are most efficient for your weight loss, the herbs and food supplements that work best for your system....

5. "The Diet For You":

We will discuss in details the foods that are compatible with your blood type.

You will get 3 food lists:

- the foods that are beneficial to your system

- the foods that are neutral to your system

- the foods that are detrimental to your system

6. "7Elements Of Your Balance":

I will break down for you the 7 crucial elements which bring balance to the human system, that are not negotiable, that you must deliver each day, so you can become disease-proof, and enjoy a long and healthy life

7. "Your Action Plan":

We will discuss and draw an Action Plan based on your biometrics, and with realistic goals, so you can start right away on your new journey to health

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