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These are my 7 commitments to my clients:

1. I strive to reboot my clients' health, energy and youth by showing them how to get their body and mind back in balance

2. I analyze my clients' biometrics, so I can determine specific goals for them, and a personalized Action Plan

3. I help my clients rid of the extra weight and the toxic matters which overload and poison their system

4. I teach my clients how to become disease-proof by explaining the 7 essential daily habits that may save their lives

5. I educate my clients on how to eat the specific foods that are compatible with their blood type, so their system can run optimally

6. I assess my clients' overall health and their potential nutritional deficiencies by running a few quick tests

7. I give my clients the tools so they can enjoy a smooth ride into their 90's, as opposed to abruptly falling off the ride in their 60's and 70's, as most people do, unfortunately

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