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These are the 7 reasons why we need "7Elements Of Balance":

1. We are no longer fit as we used to be, and we carry extra weight around,

which is harmful to our health

2. We get sick with colds, allergies, rashes, conditions, growths, tumors,

and chronic diseases, revealing a weak immune system

3. We always have an ache or a pain unfolding in some parts of our body

4. We are chronically fatigued

5. We live in mental or emotional turmoil

6. We age prematurely on our face, and in our body

7. Our average lifespan is a meager 70-something, when most Medical Universities like Stanford agree we were designed to reach 100 in good shape, body and mind.  The only reason most of us don't get there is our lifestyle.

The beauty of living long while healthy is that you can be there for your loved-ones, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren....

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