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This is my story, as concise as I could possibly tell it:

Hi there!  my name is Bruno Salluzzo, I grew up in France and obtained the equivalent of a B.A. in marketing from the University of Nice.


I spent twenty years on Rodeo Drive, selling luxury clothing, helping on very successful individuals, and building an amazing clientele.

I learned a lot from my rich and famous clients, and I created wonderful rapports with them, based on mutual trust.

I enjoyed great privileges as one of the top salespersons,  I was earning a comfortable income, but something was missing: I was not fulfilled.

Sure, dressing up my clients, and making them look like a million dollars was rewarding, but I knew I could do so much more for them....


I had been interested in Health and Nutrition since my dad prematurely passed away in 2000, at age 65, from cancer.

Feeling burned out in my profession after two decades of sales in Beverly Hills, mostly at Giorgio Armani, I took a gamble, and quit my cushy job out of the blue, in 2013.

Not an easy decision to make when you have a wife, 3 children, and mortgages on a couple of homes.

So we sold one of our homes, and I went back to school .....


For the past three years, I have dedicated every single day of my life to answer three questions that had puzzled me for years:

  1. Which foods are really healthy, and which foods are really harmful to Humans?

  2. Why do we get sick?

  3. Why do we die prematurely?

I was one of those people who thought we get cancer because of genetics or bad luck....

This search was difficult because there is so much information on Health and Nutrition out there, and mostly contradictory information.

What I found out right away in the world of Nutrition is that the most prominent experts do not agree on anything.

"Don't eat grains!", "don't eat legumes!", "don't eat dairy!", "don't eat fruit!", "don't eat meat!", "don't eat wheat!" , "don't eat potatoes!", "don't eat eggs!", don't eat corn!",

etc .... all the Nutrition authorities, mostly Doctors, with their best-selling books on the New York Times list contradict each other, and the one and only food they unanimously seem to agree on is vegetables.

Are we supposed to eat vegetables-only for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

What are the regular Joes and Janes of this world supposed to eat, when Doctors and Nutrition experts cannot agree on the foods that are safe for human consumption?

It's simple, they give up.

The Nutrition world is a dense jungle of information and mis-information where most people get lost, and end up eating the worst foods, just out of frustration. Do not worry, I did the detective work for you, it took me years of research, but I found clarity in the world of Nutrition, sorting out the beneficial foods from the harmful ones.


In the process of that near-obsessive mission, I studied at three different schools ("WellCoaches School Of Coaching" in Massachusetts, "Biomedx" in Illinois, and "The Life Coach Institute" in California), I became certified as a Wellness Coach, and a Nutritional Microscopist, I read the important books of the biggest authorities in Health and Nutrition, I wrote hundreds of pages about my daily findings and observations, and after three years of intense studies and research, I can proudly say I have cracked the secret code for human Health and Nutrition.


I know why we get sick and why we die prematurely, I was able to connect the dots, and I developed a program which keeps disease away, and allows us to stay healthy all the way to our 90's.

Of course, my theory "7Elements Of Balance" was inspired by the work of Health icons who themselves, put their money where their mouth is, by living healthy into their late 90's or beyond 100, like Norman Walker, Jack Lalanne, or Hazel Parcells.


One more thing, why do I feel so strongly about the validity of my "7Elements Of Balance"  theory for creating Health and Longevity in human beings?

Because my work and my research had the luxury to be full-time and uninterrupted for three straight years, with hardly any day off.

Because each of those 7Elements,  I had intuitively discovered at first, one by one, and then, they were confirmed to me by my extensive research.

Lastly, because my 7Elements were corroborated in the theories of several Health and Nutrition luminaries like Doctor Hiromi Shinya, Doctor Richard Schulze, Doctor Peter D' Adamo, Doctor Maoshing Ni, Doctor Loren Cordain, Doctor David Perlmutter, Doctor Peter Gott, Doctor William Davis, Doctor John McDougall, Doctor Paavo Airola, Jethro Kloss, Paul Bragg, Doctor Mark Fuhrman, Doctor Joseph Mercola....


Each of those experts, depending on their background, their era, and their health specialty, advocates several of my 7Elements, but none of them embraces all 7. Adopting only three or four, or even five of those seven elements will not be enough, unfortunately, to survive in this highly toxic world we live in, at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

To be safe, we need all 7Elements working in conjunction, each single one of them being essential to the good functioning of our system.

The power and the effectiveness of my program is based on the synergy of all

7Elements working at the same time, and feeding off each other.

I am very proud to present to you my secret for optimum Health and Longevity:

"7Elements Of Balance".

Bruno Salluzzo

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